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Dec 26

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12/26/2014 12:00 AM  RssIcon

Effective Date: December 26, 2014

This final rule amends the FAR to remove outdated/obsolete higher-level quality standards and to add new examples of higher-level quality standards, including a standard related to counterfeit parts.
  • FAR 46.202-4(b) is revised to include a list of examples of more specific higherlevel quality standards to assist CO’s with selecting common standards.

  • FAR 46.202-4(b) is also clarified to specify that higher-level quality standards include both overarching quality management system standards and product/process specific quality standards.

  • FAR 52.246-11 “Higher-Level Contract Quality Requirement” is revised to clarify flow down requirements to subcontractors.

  • FAR 52.246-11 does not apply to commercial items or commercially available offthe-shelf (COTS) items.

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